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Goals and Paths

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Nature and Mankind

This is a part of our new English translated website,
translated by Rynya Kollias, who is a poet: www.rynya.de
The African Reforestation Union attends to matters in nature and also a worthy life and
the economic independency of the people living in Africa.
These matters can only be solved in union. Because mankind can't work against nature,
without being affected himself. Environmental protection is not possible without the support of the local people.
A good example in this case sets the herbalist Salamatu Ibrahim Taimako from Tamale in the north of Ghana.
The increasing deforestation was endangering her work.
Every year the traditional herbalist had to take longer journeys, in order to find the trees,
whose leaves she needed for her work.
The day arrived, when she could not find a certain tree and therefore had to buy the healing herbs.
The African Reforestation Union advised and supported her.
Now she plants the necessary trees by herself on about 50 hectars of land.
She is able to feed her family and is a well-known environmental protector in her homeland.n.

Goals of the African Reforestation Union:

- the keeping, renaturing and reforestation of forests
- a speciose fauna and flora
- a moderate climate locally and worldwide
- more rainfalls in the dry regions and deserts
- hygenic drinking water and hygenic water for domestic use
- sufficient and healthy nutrition for mankind
- the economic independency of the people.


Many of these goals can be achieved by reforestation and care of the forests.
Firstly the forests increase the profit of the adjoining fields.
Through this, the economic livelihood is secured and the most important question
of the local people is answered for: "What shall we live on, we can't eat the trees".
Secondly the forest delivers firewood, timber and healing substances for traditional medicines.
The acquired economical freedom and the realisation of how important the forest's contribution is,
changes the view of the people. Environmental protection gains importance for them.
For example they now refrain from bush burning activities as a consequence.
This protects the remaining forests.
Reforestation also leads to positive climate changes.
For example, a higher percentage of trees leads to a higher percentage of rainfalls.
This rain even creates growth in the deserts.

For this reason, the African Reforestation Union, has placed the forest in the centre of its aims.

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